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Calf Dehorning Paste

Calf Dehorning Paste

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Removes horn buttons before horns start. Apply a thin film of paste as soon as buttons can be felt. This is one of the easiest methods of dehorning. Using a Calf Dehorning Paste is less stressful for the animal being treated.

1 tube will do roughly 30 calves. The dehorning paste is similar to a caustic soda and is suitable for calves aged 2.5 – 3 weeks

When do I use the Dehorning Paste?

You should treat calves when they are between 8 and 15 days old. Part the hairs and place a single drop of the solution onto each horn bud. Once a calf has been treated keep it away from other animals and ensure the area doesn’t get wet for 6 hours

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