Karzzmaxx Cattle Brush


The Krazzmaxx cattle brush is 230v, 50hz

Anatomically formed brush

Bristles made of a very solid and special plastic

Actuation via maintenance-free and heavy-duty gear with gear wheels made of hardened steel

Splash-water-protected and dust-proof motor

Brush ready-for-connection

Suitable for animals of different size due to pendulum mounting (height range approx. 250 mm)

The brush starts to turn by being lifted up by the animals and turns permanently as long as lifted.

Running time lag after brushing: approx. 20 sec.

Resistance reverse mechanism adjustable. In case of an overload situation e.g. wound up tail, the KRAZZMAXX stops automatically and changes direction of rotation

For indoor and outdoor use

Easy installation on a wall or on a post

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