Proficow One Cattle Brush


Clean, healthy and safe! Cows want to rub and to scrape. They clean themselves this way and get rid of external impurities. Moreover the brushing stimulates the blood circulation. The use of SUEVIA’s cow brush is an essential contribution to a maximum comfort level for the cow and basic for a high milk production. The animals are calmed down, their wellbeing is increased. Time-consuming cleaning by hand is reduced to a minimum!

Anatomically formed brush

Bristles made of a very solid and special plastic

Actuation via maintenance-free and heavy-duty gear with gear wheels made of hardened steel

Suitable for animals of different size due to inclined mounting, no height adjustment necessary

The brush starts to turn when animals press against it from the side

Change of direction of rotation of bristles each time when PROFICOW-ONE is operated, ensuring an even use of bristles. Operating time approx. 2 min.

Resistance reverse mechanism adjustable. In case of an overload situation e.g. wound up tail, cow brush stops automatically and changes direction of rotation.

Easy installation on a wall or on a post inside the stable

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