Suevia Twister Cattle Brush


Free vertically swinging brush, without electrical gear.

Offers animals a possibility to rub and to scrub themselves

Ideal for use as an activity or an anti-stress toy

Due to pendular hanging suited for animals of different size, no height adjustment necessary

Anatomically formed brush, 75 cm long

Resistant bristles made of premium-quality plastic

Easy mounting

According to building height, it is possible to fix the brush to the ceiling or to the rafter, connecting it with the plastic-coated mounting bar (75 cm long)

For higher buildings it is possible to mount additional mounting bars. As alternative a solid hot galvanized suspension arm (overhang 1,20 m) is avalilabe for fixation on a wall or a post. Suspension arm and mounting bar must be ordered separately.

For the installation inside or outside the stable

Suited for cattle, calves, goats and horses

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