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Cosy Lamb Jacket

20.00 15.99

The use of lamb jackets reduces the risk of hypothermia which is caused by exposure and starvation. Hypothermia can reduce the suckling instinct of new-born lambs leading to reduced colostrum intake which will cause the lamb to be weak and can in turn lead to rejection by the ewe especially in multiple births.

By 5 hours old the lamb will have used most of the brown fat it is born with and then requires more energy to survive; if it is cold it will lose energy quicker and be less likely to be strong enough to feed as required. Identifying hypothermia early will be the key to the survival rate of the lamb. Hypothermia causes 30% of lamb losses but a lot of these could be avoided by early detection and action to reverse the effects.

Lamb jackets can enable ewes and lambs to be turned out in colder/wetter weather conditions to provide more space in lambing sheds, give the lambs a more natural environment with less subjection to infectious diseases and poor ventilation.
Lamb jackets provide protection in sudden changes or adverse weather conditions e.g hail storms or blizzards which cause lambs to seek shelter and increases the risk of lambs losing contact with the ewe then becoming cold and weak.

Material: Outer shell 600D Oxford, 100g filling, nylon lining

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