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Fox Light


The Foxlight is an innovative idea to protect lambs, chickens and other livestock from foxes and other night time predators.The Foxlight was developed by an Australian farmer to prevent foxes from taking his lambs.

How the Foxlight works
The Foxlight works by giving the illusion that someone is walking around with a torch at night and this helps to keep predators away. As opposed to a regular flashing light, which predators will get used to, the Foxlight uses a series of blue and white LEDs controlled by a computer chip to create a varying timed and totally random display that predators will not be able to predict or become accustomed to.

The Foxlight can be placed on a pole or, attached to a fence or even hung from a tree and the light will be visible for up to 1 mile away. The unit is sealed and weather resist. The Foxlight is powered by a regular six volt battery and a single battery can last for up to twelve months. The Foxlight Works by using a light sensor so is comes on automatically at sunset and turns off automatically at dawn.

Features of the Foxlight

  • Helps deter foxes and other night predators
  • Random and unpredictable light display
  • Can be attached to a pole, a fence or a tree
  • Lights are visible for up to 1 mile away
  • A single battery can last up to 12 months
  • Made from robust and weatherproof materials
  • Automatic light sensor switches unit on and off