Rezult 6 in 1 Powder Sachet


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Rezult 6 in 1 Powder is a high energy, electrolyte solution that is easily absorbed into the animal’s system. Rezult 6 in 1 Powder can be mixed with milk or water to be administered.
Rezult 6 in 1 Powder Active Ingredients

Rezult 6 in 1 Powder contains six main active ingredients  which work together to benefit your animals.

Electrolytes: Electrolytes restore lost salts and glucose

Diosmectite: Diosmectite is made from Montmorillonite which absorbs excess water and pathogens from the gut, reducing stool output and duration of diarrhoea.

Zinc Oxide: Zinc Oxide has an antibacterial effect on pathogens

Acetate and Propionate: Acidosis buffering agents

Prebiotics: Prebiotics will restore the gut to it’s healthy state