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All Sure Cattle Boluses – 20 dose


All Sure Cattle Boluses are slow release boluses for cattle lasting up to six months. Boluses contain Selenium 500g, Iodine 3400mg, Cobal 500mg and Copper oxide 30g

Each application consists of 2 boluses:

•A Rosin based cylindrical bolus, containing 3400mg iodine, 500mg selenium and 500mg cobalt.
•A solid, rapidly dissolving bolus, containing 30g of copper oxide needles and 25mg of cobalt.

Supplementation Instructions:

Animals weighing 200 – 550kg: 1 application

Animals weighing 550kg and over: 2 applications

COPPER: high molybdenum and low copper intake gives reduced growth, depressed immunity and poor reproductive performance (hitting the pocket rather than the eye) BUT if left untreated it can lead to anaemia, lameness and to thin, scouring, dying animals.

This is a 20 cow pack

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